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The World of Dolphins!!!

Hi Everyone!!!

I would like to thank everyone for visiting our site! ...but where are you coming from? Where did you hear of this site? Please leave a post in the "Email Me" telling me where you heard of our site? I've heard we were on the radio or on some website (or both) however we are still unsure. So, if you would, please tell us where you heard of! Thank you and remember... HUMANS RULE!!

I'm sure that you have lots of questions about dolphins. I've tried to guess what some of your questions will be and provide answers. However, scientists don't know everything there is to know about dolphins. In fact, we know very little about the lives of dolphins in the ocean. 

My name is Santosh Naik and I'll be your guide on our field trips to study the dolphins. My research topics include the biology and ecology of bottlenose dolphins, dwarf and pygmy sperm whales. 

I grew up in India. While in high school I worked on a farm in the summer and did lots of fishing, hunting, and trapping. We lived on a lake and my father operated a small marina. I spent a lot of time reading books. 

This web site is designed to familiarize people with the grace, beauty, and intelligence of dolphins, by providing an interactive and educational introduction into the study of these majestic creatures

Also, I would to inform you regarding my friends web site, about
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Thank you very much for visiting our site, 

I hope you get an great experience here.